Kids Room Storage Ideas You May Try in 2018

When you have kids in the house you can understand how troublesome it can be to clean up after them. Sometimes, it is almost as though it is an impossible task. However, did you know that with a few ingenious techniques, life with kids can be a lot easier? Here are some tips you may find interestingly simple.

Play Area

Most of the time, we create a designated play area and a separate storage area in our home. This creates some problems because usually kids do not want to pick up their toys and bring it back to the storage area. One simple solution is to make the storage area part of their play area. In that way, cleaning up would seem like a part of playing. You can buy standing baskets for about $50; these can be used as part of their play as well as storage.

Clear Boxes

If you are concerned about small toys or toy parts, throwing them in multiple small clear boxes would be a good solution. You can then label them to easily identify what is inside. With clear sides, it wouldn’t be difficult to identify which toy goes to what box. You can get six boxes for $19.

Floating Frames

Sometimes you have blank, awkward wall spaces in the play area. You can use these as a mini-library by using floating frames as book ledges. Storybooks can be neatly arranged here for a measly $30.

Storage Benches

Normally when we think about storage benches we tend to associate it with shoes, bags, and other larger items. However, these benches can also double up as storage space for toys and can be a space saver as well. Usually you would shell out $112 for these.


If you feel that you have all the storage space that you need, then it is just a matter of organizing everything. For this you would need to use labels. By putting labels on all the drawers, you can make it easier for your kids to find not only their toys, but even their clothes and other essentials as well. Normally 65 labels cost only around $6.

Under-Bed Drawers

These can be extremely functional if used properly. One great suggestion is to place wheels on these storage solutions so that it can be more accessible. It also makes organizing easier for everyone. Two drawers is about $160.

Display Racks

Costumes and other dress-up clothing should be placed on display racks instead of storage trunks or bins. For $40, kids would have an easier time of looking for their clothes and returning them as well.


Did you know that you can use pegboards as storage caddies for toiletries, diapers, socks, and other kids’ accessories? Normally used for craft storage, these can be designed to go perfectly well with the play area; for the price of $66 only.

X kids room storage

Transform Closets

Make closets more functional by putting in a reading area or play area in it. This not only allows you to put other areas of the room to better use, but with a few extra baskets that costs around $5, you wouldn’t have to worry about clutter outside the closet.

Play Table

You can convert an old coffee table into a versatile and functional play table that your kids can use. You can tailor-fit it so that even small pieces of toys can snuggly fit into it. For a budget of around $24, it is so worth it especially when it makes organizing easier for you and your kids.

Multipurpose Furniture

This is an absolute must for those who want functionality and adequate storage space. To make sure that your kids’ toys and other things are not scattered all over the place, buy furniture that includes additional storage space like double-duty seating for example, which is available for $23.

Recycle Wooden Crates

Don’t waste these old storage solutions; recycle them by hanging them on the walls of your kids’ rooms. These can adequately hold anything from books to accessories. Easily restore them by painting over them or covering them up with wallpaper. This should cost you no more than $25.

This storage idea for kids might just be the solution you have been looking for. Try them today.

Best Modern Bathroom Design and Inspirations 2018

Are you aware that bathroom design can actually be considered an art? With so many ideas floating in your own mind alone, creating a clever bathroom design should not be that difficult, right? The key is how to maximize spaces and possibly even giving the illusion of a larger bathroom space. To help you with your design efforts, here is some of the bathroom enhancing tips that you can put to good use. Ready?

Never Mind the Size

When it comes to clever bathroom ideas, size does not really matter. This is because even if you have the most compact bathroom on earth, there is always something exciting you can do. It is also rare that homes have enormously sized bathrooms. The key is to maximize the amount of room that a person has inside the bathroom. Of course, there are the natural boundaries for the bath, shower, and basin, so make sure that there is enough room to move in each of these sections.

bathroom design

Open Design

When it comes to small bathrooms an open plan design is best. This means doing away with non-essential furniture that may be blocking access to some areas. Should you need to install a screen, consider using a toughened glass panel instead. To create a cleaner look, use innovative ways to hide pipes, hide cistern, install a concept corner basin, or even rely on a wall-hung toilet. By removing the clutter in the bathroom and neatly stowing it away, you will gain a feeling of increased space without really spending much.

The Feeling

Do you want to have a relaxing feeling whenever you are in the bathroom? If so, then this should be one of the focuses of your bathroom design. The atmosphere and ambience of your bathroom is equally important as the fixtures and plumbing you intend to put in. Keep in mind not only yourself, but everyone who is supposed to have access to the bathroom. After all, the intention is be able to relax and refresh. You do not have to worry because even subtle changes will have a substantial impact on the feeling that you get while you are in there. Let’s say invest in soothing fragrances to have that spa-like vibe or perhaps use some scented candles and diffusers.

Bathroom Mirror

Keep in mind that a bathroom mirror is an essential piece. Aside from being used to groom you, it can also help in creating an appearance of a bigger bathroom. This goes a long way in designing your bathroom while minimizing the cost. When you place a large mirror correctly, it will also help in reflecting the light into the bathroom to project an illusion of a bigger space. In this context, you must make sure that the proper placement of the mirror is carefully considered in your bathroom design.


Yes, bathroom wallpaper can likewise make a huge difference when considering clever bathroom design. The bathroom wallpaper can help you make a statement, create an atmosphere, or project a theme. Vibrant wallpaper may have a distracting effect that will help distort the actual size of the bathroom thereby transforming a compact one into a moderate size appearance. However, it is vital to carefully choice colors and styles when applying wallpaper to an intimate space like the bathroom.

modern bathroom

Use Textiles

Another clever way to enhance bathroom design is to make use of textile. This gives you an opportunity to combine soft, warm textile with other elements like marble, glass, wood, and ceramics among others. Ingenuous use of textile can also result in a warmer feel of the bathroom as opposed to the cold touch of ceramic floor tiles. It is not hard to imagine how welcoming the heat an under-floor rug can bring as you get out of the tub. Even the placement of towels will help enhance the appearance and feel of your bathroom.

With the help of these tips and possible some assistance from professionals, creating that clever bathroom design would be a cinch

Plumbing Service: Things Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

Plumbers are the best guy in the world when there is something wrong with your plumbing system like a clogged pipe. But sometimes, there are things that you can do it yourself but the plumbers will never tell you. So, in this article, we are going to share about these things so you can save some bucks for other more important things. Continue reading

5 Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

A wrong pipe is a huge problem in your home water drainage. A blocked toilet is making you mad. The bad smell makes you think quickly to ask a plumber to repair the pipe. A small leakage can destroy all roofs so that it makes huge damage. There are some outdoor plumbing issues that you should know and avoid. The major outdoor plumbing issues are used to be a reference for repairing your plumbing channel or system. Continue reading

When Is the Right Time to Replace Water Heater

Water heaters normally do not breakdown that easily. If you have the conventional storage tank model, you can be assured of a good 10 to 13 years of service life. After this, the obvious choice is to replace the unit. For newer models, the common advantage is an increased efficiency that can give you savings of as much as $700 from your energy bills for the duration of the unit’s life. The question now is when do you decide to replace your water heater? Here are some solutions from Plumbing South Bay

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Hydro Jetting and how it could Deal with Serious blockages

Hydro jetting is a cleaning process that is used to deal with serious blockages and clogs in the sewer line. It forces out everything that is blocking in your sewer lines. This is effectively done due to extreme water force.  When you experience a serious blockage in your sewer line, this is a good option.

It is important that when you experience slow draining for a couple of days and using homemade drain cleaning products doesn’t work anymore, you need the service of a plumber. For serious cases of clogs, the plumber would often deal with it through hydro jetting. Continue reading

Things you could do for Sump Pump Issues

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The Importance of Hot Water Heating system Maintenance

If you own your house for a long time, one of the parts of the house that you surely missed maintaining regularly is your hot water heating system. There are surely a lot of other projects in the house that gets your attention. Even though the hot water heater of your home does not break that easily, it still needs maintenance.

If it has been with your for a couple of years, you might need to have it checked by a professional plumber. The lifespan of a hot water system is 8-12 years depending of its quality and how often it is used. Continue reading


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