Basics of Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners take the running water in their home for granted. It is necessary for so many tasks around the home including cooking, cleaning, bathing and hygiene that it largely goes unnoticed until a problem develops. Generally, typical and common problems can be traced to clogging in the pipework and drains of your home. A great number of homeowners overlook the possibility for preventative measures such as drain cleaning and only consider clogs or blocked drains once a problem occurs.

Although there are a number of drain cleaning products available from hardware and grocery stores, they tend to be expensive and fail to resolve the underlying cause of the problem. This can mean that you may end up repeatedly trying to clean the same drain numerous times and the blockages seem to keep reoccurring. This is because the underlying clog has not been dealt with and keeps attracting further debris in the pipe until eventually the flow of water is once again restricted.

However, there is a solution to this type of plumbing predicament. Professional plumbing technicians can offer drain cleaning services to thoroughly clean the pipes and drains in your home. In many cases, we use professional equipment and industry knowledge to completely remove any potential clogs or blockages without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals. This is better for the environment, since these chemicals can leach into the water table, and better for the health of your family as there is no risk of chemical exposure.

South Bay Plumbing provides advice and guidance to minimize the risk of further clogs and blockages developing. Blocked pipes and poor drainage are not inevitable, with some proper care and attention your pipes can remain clean, allowing an unrestricted flow of water. This will ensure that your plumbing system functions safely and efficiently for your entire home.

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