Doing Simple Drain Cleaning in the Kitchen

Kitchen sink often gets clogged especially when homeowners are not careful with what goes down the drain. It is important to realize that this kind of clog could easily be handled provided that you know some basic drain cleaning. Better deal with it yourself first prior to seeking the aid of a plumber and pay for his service.

Common Causes of Clogs in Kitchen Sink:

  • Food particles
  • Fat and grease
  • Soap with caustic

Oftentimes, the clogs in the sink are not that serious that is why dealing with it is easy. If you know some drain cleaning techniques, eliminating this minor clog is stress-free

Prevent a clogged kitchen sink

Together with thinking about learning how to deal with clogs in kitchen sinks, it would also be a good idea to be knowledgeable when it comes to preventing this clog from happening. One known practice is pouring hot water in your sink once a week. This will help eliminate the build-up of fat and grease in your drain line surfaces which is the common start of a clog.

A great tip in using hot water to flow down the drain is to fill your kitchen sink with hot water by putting the stopper in the drain which prevents water from going through. Use the appropriate glove to remove this stopper once the sink is almost full.

Do this especially when the pipe from your kitchen is quite long before it reaches the main pipes. Doing the practice above could provide enough force on the hot water to ensure that grease in the drain lines are properly carried away.

See to it that you perform this drain cleaning procedure regularly so that you don’t experience frequent sluggish drain. If you let your drain to stop, doing this method might not work anymore.

Using a Plumbing Snake

When you already experience very slow draining, that is the time to use a plumbing snake. Just make sure that you know the proper way to use this tool to ensure that you get good results.

It is necessary that your cable where this tool is attached is long enough to push the clog all the way out of your pipes. This is important since if you have a short cable you are only pushing the clog to another area and it really does not eliminate the problem.

If you don’t have this tool, you simply have to call the professionals to do the cleaning. See to it that you call the right plumbing company for the job like South Bay Plumbing. We offer high quality plumbing service to everyone who needs our help. When it comes to drain cleaning, we have all the tools and equipment to professionally do the cleaning.

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