Plumbing Service: Things Your Plumber Won’t Tell You

Plumbers are the best guy in the world when there is something wrong with your plumbing system like a clogged pipe. But sometimes, there are things that you can do it yourself but the plumbers will never tell you. So, in this article, we are going to share about these things so you can save some bucks for other more important things. Continue reading

5 Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

A wrong pipe is a huge problem in your home water drainage. A blocked toilet is making you mad. The bad smell makes you think quickly to ask a plumber to repair the pipe. A small leakage can destroy all roofs so that it makes huge damage. There are some outdoor plumbing issues that you should know and avoid. The major outdoor plumbing issues are used to be a reference for repairing your plumbing channel or system. Continue reading

When Is the Right Time to Replace Water Heater

Water heaters normally do not breakdown that easily. If you have the conventional storage tank model, you can be assured of a good 10 to 13 years of service life. After this, the obvious choice is to replace the unit. For newer models, the common advantage is an increased efficiency that can give you savings of as much as $700 from your energy bills for the duration of the unit’s life. The question now is when do you decide to replace your water heater? Here are some solutions from Plumbing South Bay

Continue reading

Hydro Jetting and how it could Deal with Serious blockages

Hydro jetting is a cleaning process that is used to deal with serious blockages and clogs in the sewer line. It forces out everything that is blocking in your sewer lines. This is effectively done due to extreme water force.  When you experience a serious blockage in your sewer line, this is a good option.

It is important that when you experience slow draining for a couple of days and using homemade drain cleaning products doesn’t work anymore, you need the service of a plumber. For serious cases of clogs, the plumber would often deal with it through hydro jetting. Continue reading

Things you could do for Sump Pump Issues

Even though sump pumps are intended to stop your basement from flooding, it could also overflow which is something that you don’t want to experience. If ever this problem occurs in your home, do not immediately call the service of a professional plumber. There is definitely something that you can do first. At least you should give it a try before spending for a professional service. Continue reading

The Importance of Hot Water Heating system Maintenance

If you own your house for a long time, one of the parts of the house that you surely missed maintaining regularly is your hot water heating system. There are surely a lot of other projects in the house that gets your attention. Even though the hot water heater of your home does not break that easily, it still needs maintenance.

If it has been with your for a couple of years, you might need to have it checked by a professional plumber. The lifespan of a hot water system is 8-12 years depending of its quality and how often it is used. Continue reading


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